About Temple


15171060_1110267205738389_5469345612608612715_nThe idea of setting up a temple in Aberdeen was borne in early 2011 by the Thai community in Aberdeen for the practice of Buddhism, meditation and to advance Thai heritage and culture in the North of Scotland.

As a consequence an Organising Committee was set-up to represent the community and a full constitution is now in place. The Thai Buddharam Temple and Cultural Centre SCIO (TBTCC) was formally established as a charity on 8th July 2011.

A temporary temple at Hamilton Place, Aberdeen was opened in mid 2011 and this first step move has proved to be an outstanding success. The opening was presided over by Pra Khru Siridhammapadipa, Abbot of Dhammapadipa Temple in Edinburgh and Pra Ma Ha Pranom Thammavirijo who has been appointed as the resident Abbot for the temple.

The temple has helped to galvanise the community and local fund raising events for the temple have been proved to be very successful showcasing Thai dance, food and customs. The TBTCC committee were very honoured when recently the Royal Thai Embassy Minister Counsellor Khun Cherdkiat Atthakor attended the fundraising event in honour of the King’s Birthday on Sunday 18th December 2011 at Culter Village Hall in Aberdeen.